Learn More About Pro Residential

Pro Residential is an apartment management company that owns and manages more than 1700 apartments and rental properties. As a company that helps residents of Oklahoma, California and Arizona find the right apartment, we strive to provide the services that our clients expect.

Our services focus on identifying the needs of our clients and assisting with the process of moving into a new apartment. We run a background check and a credit check on every resident to ensure that the apartment is appropriate for a personal budget.

Our team of management professionals provide the best services to our clients. Every resident can feel confident that emergencies will be handled in a timely manner and that we will provide the tools that are necessary to find the best rental property for the needs of the individual. Whether a client’s goal is to move closer to work or it is related to family concerns, we listen to the goals that a resident has set and help our tenants find the best apartment for their specific needs.

We have apartments in three states: California, Arizona and Oklahoma. Our team of real estate professionals and managers can assist residents in the three states that we serve. Allow us to handle the details of identifying the best apartment.